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RM42 Hydraulic Rail Drill -RailMaster™

RM42 Hydraulic Rail Drill


  • Motor: 4 HP 200 PSI @ 5 gal/min

  • RPM: 150

  • Max Hole Diameter: 1-11/16"

  • Rail Capacity: 70-155 lb

  • Weight: 48 lbs

  • Part No: 0042602

Put less work into your rail drilling with the Power Feed RailMaster Hydraulic Rail Drill. It can drill up to a 1-11/16" holes using the easy to install Twister Bits in standard rail in 28 seconds and under 35 seconds in fully heat treated rail. The drill operates at 5 GPM and 2000 PSI with a 4 HP motor, while weighing just 48 lbs. The RailMaster provides high clamping forces, and is easy to carry and operate by one person. A simple forward/reverse lever turns the quill feed arbor on or off. Plus it has place holders for extra Twister Bits. Clamps are available for drilling crane or girder rail.  Made in USA.

Optional Accessories

  • 27541 Pig Tail Extensions

  • 27556 Clamp for Crane Rail
    (up to 171 lb max & must use 2" twister Bits)

  • 27559 - Clamp for Girder Rail

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