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Trak-Star Rail Shoes

Trak-Star Rail Shoes

Rail Shoes are designed for Trak-Star rail drills for accurate hole making in all sizes of rail. Precisely machined for tightly grip the rail and long service life. Made in USA.

New Adjustable shoes for AREA are available... see below!

Rail Shoe part numbers

 ** Wedge shoes offer improved shoe holding strength for the RM42 hydraulic drill. Shoes do        not work with roll over.​

Rail Shoes for Crane & Girder Rail
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Adjustable Rail Shoes on the RB28
Trak-Star Adjustable Rail Shoes

Adjustable Rail Shoes

No need to carry multiple shoes for AREA size rail. Adjustable shoe quickly adapts to ten different sizes. Simply pull the pin, slide the size adjustment bar to fit the desired rail then insert the pin into the corresponding hole. Made in USA. Patented
​Part No: 08620 (pair)
Fits AREA Sizes: 100, 110, 112, 115/119, 130, 131, 132, 133, 136/141, 140

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