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K1270 II Gas Rail Saw

K1270 Rail saw

The Husqvarna® K1270 II Rail Saw is a 7.8 H.P. Gas Powered saw specifically design for cutting rail. The saw features the X-Torq motor for lower emissions & better fuel economy and digital ignition. It also has an Active Air Filtration system and Smart Carb for reducing wear and tear, helping minimize maintenance costs. A Precision Clamp, insures every cut is at a right angle, every time. Well balanced - ergonomic handles, improved anti-vibration system enables the operator to produce quick and easy cuts with less fatigue. Recommended for use with the Trak-Blade™ cutting wheels.

  • Includes RA10 Clamp Arm for standard rail with a head no bigger than 3"

  • The RA10S clamp arm is available as an accessory for crane and large head rail

  • Easier Starting

  • Less Maintenance

  • Reduced Vibration Levels


  • Motor: 7.8HP - 7.25 cu in - 2 cycle gas - Mix 50:1

  • RPM: 4700 max

  • Rail Capacity: 70-155 lb

  • Weight: 46.7 lbs (21.2 kg) 

  • Wheel Capacity: 16" (406mm)

  • Arbor: 1" (25mm)

  • Dimensions: 18.5" H x 9.57" W x 29.72" L
                         (470mm H x 243mm W x 755mm L)

  • Part No: 0127601

  • Part No: 0127611 saw with large clamp for crane rail

  • Part No: 599799204 - Crane Rail Clamp w/o saw

Trak-Blade for cutting rail
Leather Leggins protect your pants from sparks


American made abrasive blades specifically designed for cutting rail. Sold in boxes of 20.
      04420   16" High Performance Zirconia
      04415   16" diameter
      ​04419   14" diameter 

Leather Leggins

Help stay save and protect your pants with leggin's
     15001 Leather Leggins (pair)

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